Wednesday, 16 December 2009

SD Evaluation Question 4

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

> During our music video project, we used many different media technologies to create our texts. Web 2.0 was the main influence when researching different rock/pop bands to see the conventions within their music videos, digipaks and adverts.

> The website allowed us to create our own blog and display the research we had done and everything we had created. We could then write comments on each others posts, talking about how we can make adjustments to our own music video to fit the conventions of typical rock/pop music videos.

> Youtube was also a very important aspect of research, as we could search for rock/pop bands music videos giving us ideas for our own and how the styles change throughout the music video industry. We could then embed these clips into our blog showing what kind of music videos would suit our song.

> Another way Youtube came in handy, was that we could upload our own videos onto it allowing the public to leave feedback which we could then take into account for our music video.

> Television was another media that let us study music videos, on channels such as MTV where there is constantly music videos being shown. Other channels such as Kerrang gave us a more precise look on rock music videos rather than just the mainstream music.

> For creating the Digipak and Advertisement we used Adobe Photoshop which lets us create the exact image we were thinking of in the first place. Making different layers for each image and text allowed us to design our perfect image.

> Adobe Premiere was the only program we used when editing our music video. It allowed us to capture everything we had filmed the allowed us to cut the clips to make the continuity perfect using the timeline. We were then able to change the brightness and contrast and also add effects such as dip to black.

> Microsoft Publisher was finally used to set the layouts for the Advertisement and also creating a booklet plan for the Digipak designs. We could then change it to the appropriate sizes for the magazine advert and digipak.

MD Evaluation Question 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

>Audience feedback is a very important part of our ‘Take Off Your Colours’ production. It is important to know whether or not the audience believe the performance is authentic.

>The target audience of our music video is a younger age group of 13-21 and also the older generation who will be wanting to buy an honest, energetic album for a youngster.

>It is not just the video that has to be seen as authentic. It is important for the digipak design as well as the magazine advertisement to be seen as professional. The more professional these designs look the more likely it is to catch someone’s eye.

>We handed out written questionnaires to a variety of age groups and received similar results. We wanted to hand it out not just to friends and family, to ensure an honest response.

>Some of the positive feedback we received consisted of –
-Strong black and white image control effects boosts authentic performance.
-Good Angles on guitar and drum kit.
-Use of narrative promotes a happy band for passive audience.
-Cross fades when spotlight effect is on, makes for a passionate performance.
-Good range of shots and angles.
-Colourful – Good use of brightness and contrast.
-Strong acting makes for a believable performance.
-Consistent editing – Good lip synching.

>We also received a positive response to a question we believed to be one of the most important – Would you watch the video again? For this question we received a one hundred percent ‘Yes’ result.

>We decided on using printed out questionnaires and handing them out to people as it made our lives easier as we received them back a lot quicker for analysis.

>During the rough cut viewing we received some negative feedback including the fact that our visual introduction was too long. We corrected this straight away, and understand that it has made a big difference to our final product.

SD Evaluation Question 2

How effective is combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

> Within our music video production we tried to keep everything very modern and contemporary. The Digipak and Advertisement were both designed to appeal to the younger, teenage age group with their contemporary graphics and text.

> The authenticity of the performance was the key aspect of our music video, making it personal so the audience would feel a sense of para-social intimacy. This is then carried on to the Advertisement where the band is shown as a happy bunch, having a laugh. Teenagers can then relate to this and feel as though they are almost know the band members.

> Furthermore, the concentrated performance shots relate to the genre giving off a vibe that will further encapsulate the audience. The rock/indie feeling is spread throughout our music video production, helping to convey an image that is commonly given off in this certain genre. This offers consistency within our production again forming the band image.

> The band picture on the Advertisement as well as in the music video helps convey an image of the band members, making them seem youthful and a bit rebellious further reinforcing the common social myths of teenagers, being mischievous and generally larking about.

> Colours used in the Advertisement and especially the Digipak are attractive and vibrant showing how the band is modern-day and give off a joyful, adolescent mood. Even in the music video the lighting is red and blue showing more colour and therefore offering constistency within the production.

> In the Digipak the image used shows consistency throughout all the texts. The image represents a speaker blasting out colour which once again relates to the title of the song as well as showing youthfulness. This image of a speaker also reflects performance which is a constant theme in the video.

> During the production of the Advertisement, we adjusted the contrast of the band picture which directly relates to the video where image control effects are adjusted throughout.

> Within the "You Me At Six" production, we knew that consistency and continuity would be vital for a passionate and believable set of texts. Colour and band image is a constant theme that appeals to a younger age group as well as the older public purchasing it for family members because they can appreciate an authentic, non-offensive rock band.

MD Evaluation Question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

> When looking at Goodwin's Critical Framework we are able to deconstruct and analyse music videos with alot more detail. One example of 'features to look for' is genre characteristics. I feel that within our production such aspects as masculinity within a rock group and long hair on males conform to these genre characteristics. Another example of genre characteristics within our music video is the clothing, chequered shirts, jeans along with ties and scarf set up our band for audience interpretation.

> In our production rebelious connotations once again back up an ideological discourse vital to our performance video. Although our video consists of a male group there is no aspect of sexuality involved, it is obvious to the viewing audience that the group are friends enjoying a passionate performance.

> Another aspect of Goodwin's Critical Framework is the relationship between lyrics, music and visuals. Within our music video we knew lip syncing would be key in making a believable yet passionate video.

> Variety in shots and angles once again is vital for a proffesional looking music video. Within the production of 'Take Off Your Colours' i think that we have included a strong variety of different shots which keeps the audience interested in the performance.For example low anlges, long shots, mid shots, and pans.

> Intertextuality s one aspect of Goodwin's Critical Framework that sets the 'You Me At Six' prodction aside from other videos. The fact that it is entirely performance with a few shots of the band playing in the stands makes it different and stand out from other music videos. Simple effects such as cross cutting also help the video to become more independent infront of similar genre music videos.

> When looking into the semiotics of our music video it seems appropriate to look into the band sitting in the stands. There seems to be some form of hidden meaning behind this obvious close relationship between the members. It shows a familiarity with the location which is also re-inforced by the introduction and ending of the music video. The lighting connotes a different kind of performance. When the spot light comes down on the lead singer it could be interpreted as respresenting individuality which adds to the way in which the audience perceives the band.

> Strong filler shots also play a big part within the production, not forcing the performance onto the audience but keeping a strong and passionate band rehersal interesting.
> Angled shots are also key within a performance video and i feel that the production completes this aspect. Repition of shots is undoubtedly effecting an audience's attention. The 'You Me At Six' video keeps an audience on it's toes by using different speeds of shots aswell as angles.
> In production we also knew from research that layered shots of a lead singer singing in front of a drummer also keeps an audience interested. Throughout the video we keep this layered effect throughout of each different band member with something going on in the background whilst they play their instruments.

> Within the 'You Me At Six' production brightness and contrast also plays a big role along with a black and white narrative of the band playing in the stands. This difference in style of shot gives the audience once again more variety and keeps attention on the video.

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Music Video

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